Changed Lives

David writes: I have lived in Lightwater for 40 years, married to my wife Margaret for 45 years; we have two grown-up sons and two grandchildren. Both my grandchildren were baptised in All Saints’ Church and it was at these services that I realised I wanted more from my life.

I started going to church every Sunday and found the church family very friendly and supportive. I really enjoyed singing hymns and listening to ministers explaining in detail what their sermons meant. I soon realised that going to church on its own does not make you a good Christian: you have to behave like one. That does not mean you have to stop having fun – on the contrary.

I then went on to take the Alpha Course, which lasted ten weeks. This took place in someone’s home and the group consisted of eight people. Each evening started with a meal, after which we would watch a video. We would then discuss what we had seen and what it meant to us individually. I am still on a learning curve, but knowing I have the love of God and Jesus Christ walking with me in life has made me a more loving, caring person.

Building a relationship with God is important to me. I went on to be confirmed – this took place at St Lawrence Church in Chobham. There were a good number being confirmed from local churchs – it was an amazing evening, very emotional with my family looking on. God bless you all.


Alison writes: I still remember the first time we walked in to All Saints' Church at Lightwater, in particular the warmth of the welcome and such a special sense of peace.

My husband and I had both attended church when we were children but when we moved areas we had struggled to find a church that suited us. When our children were born we both felt strongly that we wanted to bring them up as part of a church and so set about trying to find a local church. All Saints' Lightwater was the first church we tried. We were made to feel so genuinely welcome and children were obviously such an important part of the church that we never looked any further and have been attending regularly ever since.

We were welcomed into the church family and over the last few years have become more and more involved in the church. Our children attend Kidzone on a Sunday morning, which they love. They have great fun as well as learning lots and building their own friendships. I help with Small Saints, which is a special time for the under-5s to learn about God while having fun playing, singing and listening to stories. I feel very privileged to be part of these services for the small children and their carers and they provide me with inspiration and strength.

I have also joined a homegroup. When we first joined the church I had no idea what homegroups were, and didn't think they would be for me; however I was proved wrong. I have joined a group who all have similar questions about their faith and God and life in general and it has been wonderful to be able to grow in our faith together and to support each other in life's ups and downs.

Becoming a part of All Saints' Church has enriched my family’s day to day life and the strength and depth of each of our faiths has been developed, and continues to grow, more than I ever would have imagined.