Vision & Mission

‘To be the Light of Christ in Lightwater’

‘To Be, To Love, To Tell’


Our vision represents the aspiration of All Saints’ Lightwater: to make the peace and joy of God’s kingdom a living reality for all in our community.

Open church

Our mission describes how we bring this vision to life every day. There are three aspects to our mission:

  • To Be – the many ways that we come together as a Church; for sharing, fellowship and to worship.
  • To Love – the ways we support each other and the Community.
  •  To Tell – the ways that we spread the good news of Jesus.

Our purpose, as the only church here in Lightwater, is to gather together to worship God, to grow together in faith, and to witness together the love of God through his Son Jesus Christ, which is open to all.

Who are we? We are an inclusive, varied community of all ages. The Church family is made up of over 100 adults, children and young people who are committed to Christian worship, teaching, discipleship, fellowship and mission.

Our worship provides a range of service styles, through which people can encounter God and worship together as God’s family, from traditional to informal, and contemporary to alternative.

Our teaching is biblically centred and focused on helping people make sense of their faith, in practical ways relevant to everyday life.

Our fellowship is warm, welcoming, caring and supportive, both at church and in small groups.

Our mission: we are committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with those around us as well as supporting Christians further afield in doing the same thing.

Our vision is to step up and step out. As a church we are committed to seeing everyone here take the next step in their faith, and equipping people to bring their Christian faith into their homes and workplaces.