Sunday morning groups

We have groups for all ages on a Sunday morning during the service at 11:00am.

We all begin together in Church – there are percussion instruments to hit or shake during the songs and we encourage everyone to get involved, however young or old! Some of our young people play in the music group and operate the audio-visuals. There’s a slot to share things we’re thankful to God for. Whatever our age, we enjoy being ourselves with the family of God. After 15 minutes, we go out to our different groups in the hall.

Small Saints is for pre-school children and babies. We play instruments along to our action songs, engage in a simple Bible story, enjoy ‘gluing and sticking’ crafts, and play with our toys! Small Saints is a safe and caring environment for our youngest children. Parents can stay with their children or return to the service.

Kidzone for ages 5-8 We are a lively group and enjoy Bible stories, activities, games and crafts. We share things about our week, get involved with drama and storytelling and explore active ways to talk with God. ‘Godly Play’ is a special kind of storytelling, with its own story pieces – we particularly like the Desert box and the big wooden Temple.

Kidzone for ages 9-11 We enjoy the space of the hall to have energetic games and get stuck in to a whole range of activities – we especially love anything messy, noisy, crazy and fun! We look at a Bible story and explore what it might mean to us. God made us all different, so we enjoy trying out different ways of talking and listening to God. All of which helps us as we follow Jesus.

Youth ages 12-16 We meet in our own ‘Hub’ room to chat about Bible passages and what that might mean to us, through lots of different activities. We explore different ways of applying them to our lives and try out different styles and ways of praying. And we have great laughs playing lots of games!