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Marriage was created by God as the backbone of family life and society. There is no better place to celebrate your marriage than in church. All Saints’ is an ideal, intimate venue, and we will tailor your wedding service to you as a couple and prepare you not just for a single day but for the whole of your life together.

Questions people ask

What does God think about marriage?

He thinks it’s important. It was his idea in the first place. Right at the beginning of the Bible, we read that ‘for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will be one flesh.’ (Genesis 2:24)

Why get married in church?

When you get married in church you are asking God to bless your marriage and be at the centre of it. This is much more significant than any idea of ‘doing it properly’ or marking a legal marriage.

Can divorcees get married at All Saints’?

At present the laws governing marriage do not allow remarriage in church where the former partner is alive, unless there are exceptional circumstances. This is because the church has a responsibility to protect the understanding of marriage as a lifelong union.

However, we do understand how marriages can fail, and so we review each application on its own merits. This may involve meeting with a minister more than once.

We don’t come to church/live in the parish. Can we get married at All Saints’?

Under current legislation, you can be married at All Saints’ if:

  • You were baptised at the church.
  • You have been confirmed and your confirmation is entered in the church register.
  • Your parents or grandparents were married at the church.
  • You have lived in the parish for at least six months.
  • One of your parents has lived in the parish for at least six months during your lifetime.
  • You have attended services in the church for at least six months and have signed up to the church’s membership list (Electoral Roll), or one of your parents has done this during your lifetime.

If you are in any doubt, please ask the Vicar.

It is well worth coming to a service to see what we’re like in advance of taking things further.

What are banns and do I have to get them read?

Banns are part of the legal side of marriage. The purpose of banns is to ensure that you are entitled legally to get married. As the Church of England is the state church, the minister performs both the legal and religious parts of the marriage.

The reading of banns is a legal requirement and serves notice of a couple wanting to get married. Banns are normally read on three consecutive weeks at our Sunday 10.45am service, usually two months before the wedding. If you live outside the parish, you must also get your banns read at your local parish church.

An alternative to banns is to marry by Common Licence. This is usual when there is not enough time to call banns, but you must live in the parish. There is a separate cost for marrying by either Common or Special License.

Another alternative is to marry be Special Licence. This is the usual method if one of you is a foreign national, or if you do not qualify under the grounds outlined above, and is a more complex legal procedure.

How do we book a wedding at All Saints’?

Simply contact the Vicar or Church Office and we will take it from there!

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