Youth Club Girls

Youth Club

Friday night is Youth Club night! From 7–10pm our Church Hall and Car Park become a space for youth to hang out, have fun and spend time with friends.

Here’s what the young people say...

‘There’s lots of music and we love messing around.’

‘It’s a great socialising place to get out with your friends and make new ones.’

‘We have freedom when we come here – like, we can go in the hall or outside. It’s about trust and responsibility.’

‘We can be active and have fun after the week at school.’

What they do...

We have this blue "co-oper" blanket, which is epic!’ (You have to see it to believe it – they drag each other around in it, and it can be quite crazy.)

‘I like the pool table.’ (We also have table tennis, indoor hockey, netball post, foam balls and more – they choose what they want from the shed.)

‘We play great football – there’s space outside to run about.’

Their favourite thing...

‘Our favourite thing is the people here... and escape from homework!’


Why not come along to the Church Hall and try it out?

Fridays 7–8.30pm ages 9–12
and 7.30–10pm ages 13–15 (currently taking a break – we aim to relaunch this group early in 2014)

Entry £1